#FindingFaith : Snap That Genius Awake | Michael Emmanuel 

The teacher slammed his civic nine by four note against the edge of a limping locker and Timi smelt the flame of trouble. Then she leaned forward such that the bridge of her nose brushed his rabbit-shaped ear, and probed the silliest question Timi had ever recorded in his one fifty-eight months of living.

“Do you have a brain?”

Timi prevailed in stifling his laughter, but the other eighteen students could not. Who hasn’t got one? Timi thought.

Directing the question to you, who doesn’t have a brain? I’m no brain surgeon but I’d gladly stand on the Grammy’s stage and yell, “Every human has a brain,” Even post-herectomy patients do.

Why then are we as we are? Why would Timi get A in Biology and pull a D in civic, claiming the latter is unimportant? Reasons. Timi thinks Civic is trivial, hence no need for an A.

Beyond the classroom walls, we struggle to think out solutions to daily challenges. And they just keep rising. Scarcity of fuel. Hike in purchase price. We scream for a change, but the truth is there’s no change we’d see if it doesn’t start with us. And the leading way is by snapping the genius awake.

In the teenage version of his bestselling Think Big, You Have A Brain, Ben Carson shares: inside each human are approximately 86 billion neurons interconnected by more than 100 trillion synapses… the brain sorts, organizes, and warehouses that deluge of sensory data flooding in at millions bytes per second.

Hands down, no computer processes information faster. Yet our world is full of unsolved issues. I’m not preaching that the world would get better but that our world – the community we live, church, school, work, home – would improve if we awake the genius, albeit figuratively, in us.

Let me illustrate.

It was a Wednesday in early May. I brushed off sweat from the foreskin of my head as I stepped into church. The first sight was a folded polythene bag tucked behind an air con. I whisked into the smaller building in the compound for my meet.

Ninety minutes later, there was a torrent of rain, and though I was done with the meeting, I couldn’t leave. I stared at the white screen of a laptop wondering how getting home would work out with the laptop.

By six o’clock, the rain had reduced ferocity, but I couldn’t enter still with the laptop. Yet, home with its avalanche of chores awaited. I called mum, and her brusque response made me realize I shouldn’t have. I had to be home. End of story. If only I’d brought a polythene bag for covering the laptop like I do on rainy days…

It clicked. The polythene behind the air con. The rest is backstory. What I intend to draw out is this: I spent thirty five minutes worrying about the rain and required something shy of forty seconds to think up a solution.


Light brain


Hello! Wake up the genius! Think it out. Nothing before you is unachievable. The One who made you says, “all that He made is good.” Why? He is perfect and you are in His image. Why tie yourself back and claim that task is impossible? Wake up! You’ve got a genius in you.

Your world awaits you. You don’t want to let them down, do you?

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